January 2016

108 times and counting…

One-Hundred and eight is the number of times our neighbors must have seen us naked by now.

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My babe!

If you follow me on Instagram, have read a single thing on this page before reading this, are Facebook friends with me, or found my recent return to Twitter (@jnnprz), you know Continue reading “My babe!”

Movin’ On Up

I guess I should start at the beginning of our Tennessee adventures and put my other 1, 579 thoughts on hold. I kept meaning to upload photos and long captions to Facebook but Continue reading “Movin’ On Up”

Jenna Lee in Tennesseee

Oh hey! So story of my life, I’m an endless stream of untapped potential. Or so I’m told. I’m constantly being Continue reading “Jenna Lee in Tennesseee”

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