Oh hey! So story of my life, I’m an endless stream of untapped potential. Or so I’m told. I’m constantly being encouraged by anyone and everyone I know to write more or rather start writing again, start a youtube channel, upload pictures to Facebook, get my story/face out there and I’m just sitting on my couch with Dallas all like “Stop telling me what to do” while rolling my eyes so hard. But like, SO hard. The kind of eye roll that would have gotten my face slapped into next year if I was doing it in front of my mom fifteen years ago.

I’m flattered that there are people who care about what I’m up to these days. I’m flattered that my mom still laughs hysterically at my pessimistic yet oh so sarcastic take on pretty much everything (and that she never actually slapped my face into any years). I’m flattered that people I’ve known for 5 minutes understand to my totally rude relatable humor as much as my husband, who has to put up with me all hours of the day, does. I’m even flattered that people are intimidated by my ever-so-blunt and matter-of-fact method of delivering nearly everything I say. Somebody has to say it. But again, stop telling me what to do.

Serious note though, I realized after coming “home” to Miami for Christmas that there are plenty of people who genuinely care about what I’m doing with my life. Home is in quotations there because home is actually wherever Brian and Dallas are. “Awww! She’s such a softy!” SHUTUP They’re home to me (sorry, Ma). Anyway, from ex-students to blood relatives, so many of you had so many questions for me and really do intend to keep up with me despite (or because of?) my recent life changes. So this is for you and I’m sorry I so rarely text back or that seventeen days stand between the time you texted me and the time I respond.

I’ve been wanting to get thoughts down but Hulu is just so much more entertaining. Now that I’ve watched enough shows to turn my mind to mud and whatever shows I am keeping up with, I can’t watch without my man and puppy by my side (family couch time= the best time) I decided to start writing. I’m always open to new show suggestions though, so hit me.

Yes, I had started a blog a while back that I hated and wrote on like 6 times but whatever. I wasn’t feelin it anymore. Like my favorite reason to still use cd’s in the car… that one song comes on that irks every fiber of your inner being (soul?) and you ever so dramatically get to hit the track button while shouting out a “next!” in your best ebonics inspired accent… yea that. That’s how I feel about the other blog that we ended up paying for again because Brian forgot to cancel it after asking me if I still wanted it and I said “nahh”. He’s terrible at understanding my ebonics inspired accent/lingo but whatever, he catches on often enough. I was probably a trillion times more offensive there than I meant to be but if you know me you know that’s not my intent and if you don’t, get off my back, you don’t know me.

I’m going to treat this the way I would treat a phone call with you and just word vomit all over the place while you stay silent and occasionally let out a “mmm-hmmm” with an eye-roll + nod combo because I talk way too fast and say way too much. I just can’t make as many calls as I’d like while saying all the words I’d like (exhibit A word count 591 atm// edit: finished strong with 722). Pay no mind to grammar and punctuation on here because I’m certainly not watchin out for any of that noise. So yea. If you’re curious as to what I’m doing these days and the thoughts reeling through my mind and you can’t see me face to face anymore because my husband’s amazing new job took us almost 1,000  miles away, please feel free to check in with me here!


Please leave Hulu suggestions in the comments below since we’re too cheap for cable.



Jenn in Tenn.