One-Hundred and eight is the number of times our neighbors must have seen us naked by now.

I’m sure the actual count is much higher but I don’t want to scare anyone away from coming over our place. We’d love to have you over and we will remain fully clothed. Allow me to explain, not that it’s going to make me any less odd or you any more comfortable.

Me > Odd;  You < Comfortable

Some of you are going to close this tab right this second and that’s cool but I, myself, am never weirded out when it comes to talking/typing about pretty much anything. Jenna Lee is Filter Free. Filterless.

Back to the exposé.

It is a regular occurrence in our place for either of us, especially Brian, to leave clothes in the dryer and dart from bedroom to dryer in our birthday suit, which is in our kitchen about 29 ft. away.

We also leave the blinds on our sliding glass door ((which leads to our patio) (which faces our onlookers)) pulled back at all times. They’re annoying and hard to pull open and closed and the dog likes to play in them. So yea.

Living Room
A very festive photo of our living room to assist your thoughts

Then there are the times where I spend my day off or any given Saturday in a towel literally all day. Living the GOOD LIFE – I KNOW – I LOVE IT #teamiaintgotnokids

This probably isn’t news to some of you since my friends used to call me to hangout and start the phone call by saying “Jen, put some clothes on we’re….”. The phone calls began the second time I spent an entire summer without a car because they’d show up at my house to give me a ride, which was the nicest thing since I was stranded so I really truly honestly always appreciated those rides, I was just rarely ready to go… or be seen for that matter.

I’ll give you a second to catch that sentence that wouldn’t stop running on and away from ya there and take a second to say, “Thanks friends!”.

Then there are the times when I clean the apartment or want some fresh air so I pull the blinds up as high as they can go and leave them like that all day. I only realize this after I toss my clothes in the hamper and then I’m all like “dangit, B can you close the blinds”. But not before I say “Hey, neighbors!”.

We both greet our neighbors any and every time this happens. So serious. Every. Time. Sometimes it’s the only reason I know Brian is walking around bare-bummed, because well, we’re married so whatever. Like I’ll be buying more crap on Amazon on my computer and hear a “Hey, neighbors” and I look over and there he is darting for the dryer again. Or running to the other bathroom for… well, I actually can’t think of why but I know he does it… probably for TP… regardless, it’s best I abandon this thought

Update: I read this to him and asked him why he does that and he couldn’t quite answer He tried though “I don’t know why actually, but yea I do it… for the TP I guess… [2 minutes later] sometimes to pick up running shoes…” (a day in the life of being his wife)

And I keep saying darting just to make you less afraid of the fact you’re still reading this nonsense. Because we both totally take our time when walking to the dryer.

So how did I arrive at this number?

I thought you’d never ask.

We moved in on July 2nd, 2015.

  • So I went to this site
  • Added 2 to the number of days because I’m actually writing this on Wednesday night and I’m thinking about not posting it until Friday
  • Divided the number of days by 3, (because this doesn’t happen every day)
  • Rounded to the nearest whole number because I don’t have time for decimals, kidding I have SO much time for decimals I would just rather not deal
  • Then I added 26 for the approximate number of times it either happened twice in one day, happened to both of us, or the blinds and dryer occurred the same day, double the nudity, double the points
  • Added 8 for the weeks of summer because it was really really hot so we were far more careless
  • And then added 4 because it’s my favorite number.


The more you know!


*Featured image was from our dear friend Stephanie Robinson’s ABC Birthday Party. Anything But Clothes. We wore towels. She throws such fun birthday parties.