So I apologize for my mini-hiatus. I had written about eight posts that I didn’t schedule to post and then I just haven’t had the chance to finish them. Things have been borderline terrible. I start most days on the verge of tears but then decide not to cry because mascara is annoying. We’re just going through it right now (not maritally, we’re still running around the apartment gleefully naked). Just in the major life adjustment that moving to a new state is, I suppose. It has nothing to do with being home sick because we’re definitely not. Sorry, Miami, there’s just too much to love up here. I do miss my school and Danceworks terribly though. I openly admit and discuss it with everyone. I’m just impatient and then there are things I can’t change but still get stuck wishing I could and then when I yell to the sky about how fed up I am, something else happens like a car breaking down leaving us with one vehicle. We work a solid hour away from one another, when there’s no traffic, so things haven’t been fun.

Summer and Nathan just spent a couple days with us and that was loads of fun. We got to show them around all the best places and our favorite things about our little TN life.

‘Twas a grand ol’ time!

There’s no friend quite like a sister and Nate and B bromance any time they are together so there are smiles all around. Definitely a nice change of pace.

Anyway, today is what I would call our second true snow day (at least they’re predicting it will be since I wrote this a day early, ha). So in honor of our second snow day, I’m finally posting photos of our first! Well, my first time ever ever so I was pretty stoked. I wrote the following little blurb and had the photos ready to go two weeks ago. Oy vey.

Life goes on… Here is what I had written, I’m just leaving and posting it as is.




It snowed so much in Nashville this month and it was my very first time ever seeing snow. I kept saying to B, “The year I turn 28 is the year I see snow for the first time”.


I always said I felt like I wasn’t missing out but now I feel like I just didn’t know what I was missing.

It snowed more than 6 inches on Friday and we bundled up to go outside to play. We didn’t expect Dallas to hang but she ended up LOVING it. We obviously had never experienced snow with her so the fact that she couldn’t get enough of it made our day that much more fun. She hates being outside when it’s cold. She’s such an apartment dog. She darts back inside when it’s cold or raining after quickly finishing up her business. In the snow, she walked around for a second or two, picking her paws up sky high (like Insanity high-knees but puppy style) and then all of a sudden she ducked down with her butt up, barked, and took off running. Homegirl thought it was the funnest thing ever. Despite all the deer surrounding us, we let her sprint a little bit and she had the time of her life. Her big dangly momma nips got super red but she didn’t seem to care. All she cared about was prancing ungracefully through the frozen rain. I was having just as much fun running alongside her and kicking up the snow. We totally kept throwing it at D but she just did a Pantene Pro-V hair shake as the snow hit her in the face because she loved it. The texture of snow is so different than I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised by how fluffy it is, I think that’s why I was having so much fun. The crunch under my adorable, attractive, and feminine rubber black boots was pretty fun too. I’m obviously kidding about the boots. The crunch was nice but they are the tackiest yet most practical thing I own other than my face, assuming you can own a face. Assuming faces can be tacky. Mine is. And I own it. Anyway, Brian made quite a few snow balls but I basically threatened his life so he didn’t throw any at me. We didn’t have a sled but hopefully we will by the next time it snows!

The best part?

It all melted away within a few days, just in time for me to have to get back to work. I’ll admit I was really nervous about driving in it so I was glad I didn’t have to deal with it, at least not yet. I’m anxious to see what the rest of winter brings. Here are some photos and still shots from fun videos of our family snow day. The back of our apartment complex has this little hill and a few trails so the place was literally a Winter Wonderland. Such a great first time.

I find snowfall to be so peaceful, whether watching it float on down from inside or being outdoors and trying to dodge it from landing in my eyes, although they could really use the extra moisture these days.

A lot of you back in the warm & sunny 305 predicted that I would actually enjoy cold weather, as I was very vocal about how much I was dreading that part of our new city. I’ve always been a weather wimp anytime it dropped below 73. I think some of y’all might have been right! I’ll get back to you when I know for sure.




ps. I officially say y’all all the friggin time. I started before we came up and now it’s just what I like to say. Y’all and exactfrickinly. Not sure why the second one has become a vocab regular but I dig him.