Sooooooooo Happy Valentine’s Day! 

We are starting our two hour drive back to Dallas, who’s locked in the kitchen of our apartment, probably howling her brains out because she literally canNOT handle life without us.

B and I were bummed to miss Mutemath’s show in Nashville so when I saw that their newest tour kicked off with a stop in Chattanooga, I asked him if he’d be down. He said “Oh heck yes” which is something we both say often…. Hence our wedding RSVP’s which I’m almost certain included a “heck yes”…..


B agreed that we shouldn’t miss this show SO I bought tickets. It just so happened to fall on Feb. 13th so I decided that we shouldn’t do anything for V-day, other than this concert, 2 hours and some change away. We toyed with staying in Chattanooga for the night but that would mean boarding our babe so we opted out of the mini staycation. We decided driving two hours there and two hours back was still worth it.

Tickets purchased, Valentine’s Day scratched. Like no cards or unnecessary chocolates exchanged. I will say though, my first ever Valentine’s Day was with Brian. We had been dating just under a year and he bought me all of the cheesiest crap that you can find at your neighborhood Walgreens and a Chris Bosh jersey, which in my book, meant true love. Oh and he even wrapped it in a Batman gift bag. Guys… sparks on sparks.

So yea. We spent most of this morning on the couch. I ate more than half of a box of Krave. I only buy that garbage delicious cereal when it’s BOGO. It was totally BOGO last weekend. SO EXCITED.
I ate my way through the box while Brian drained his MacBook battery and added to his secret website. I watched two Blacklist episodes, two American Crime episodes, one Scandal, one How To Get Away With Murder, and one Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, while he kinda payed attention to the ones he cared about. I won’t disclose which shows those are but that’s what happened. Yes, I have a TV problem, now that my HD DVR has been payed for (in full!) for an entire year by Comcast themself(ves?)… Another story, another day. The only weekday TV I watch is MTV’s The Challenge, because old habits die hard, well in my book, never die. 

Anyhow, after all that TV we took D to our favorite dog park to exhaust her. It was 28 degrees out, sun shining FULL BLAST. I just kept saying how much I missed sweating in the sun. Which, if you know me, that means it has to be like 90+ degrees outside. According to the weather reports, it “felt like 12 degrees” and I totally agree! It hurt my face and ears to be outside today.

But we love our puppy and she had fun. Plus, I love asking strangers if I can take their adorable pups home. Oh, and we found out that Dallas has a thing for baseballs. There is only one football toy that she will play catch with so this was a revelation of sorts in our simple lives.So we left for Chattanooga at 6:30 our time, in effort to arrive to Track29 by 8:30. Doors opened at 8:00, concert started at 9:00 so we figured half an hour in between made the most sense. The majority of the drive, I was reading my 112th article on whether I should distribute Young Living Essential Oils or doTerra… Brian was obviously driving. More than halfway through our drive, we realized that Chattanooga is in a different time zone. We crossed the line back to Miami time. Not the Cuban Miami Time, but we were no longer in Nashville’s Time Zone. This meant we were arriving real late.

Oh well.

Neither of us stress about things we can’t change in life so whatever. We stopped at Wendy’s nearby since Brian was super duper hungry. On to Track 29 from there…

We arrived and realized the opening band was not worth the extra concert time, while our dog was at home with a broken heart, so we were actually glad that we showed up when we did.

I was frozen (it was 29-ish outside, minus wind chill) so I asked Brian if we could head toward the middle slash front of the crowd. We did. There we stood behind a man with an unkept salt-and-pepper beard.

I’m a pretty solid age guesser and I’d put this geezer at about 54. NONE of this would matter except he really upset both of us. Hot-dog laced, Miller High Life burps and farts aside, he kept throwing straws that he had chewed up across the crowd while shouting, “Gross! Get a room!”. At first we couldn’t figure out why. Then we caught on… There was a gay couple holding onto one another and exchanging a kiss or two. Nothing graphic or innappropriate. Wasn’t a make out session. Yet this grown old man decided throwing chewed up straws at them would change things.

I feel the way I feel about these matters, just as you do, but I’m completely certain that throwing half chewed straws at two men sharing a warm embrace will not make them go out of their way for your comfort. It also won’t solve a single darn thing.


They took what felt like a year and a half to take the stage. By the time they did, they woke almost everyone up from a lil cat nap.

They CRUSHED it. As always. As expected. Listening to Mutemath always holds a special place in our hearts since they were literally the soundtrack to our time as boyfriend and girlfriend. We would pray with and for one another with their cds playing, we would confront the sin in our lives with their songs looping behind us, we’d listen to them on the beach at sunrise, we would make out in the church parking lot and/or our driveways to them. Mutemath quickly became the music that we associated with our early times.

The early times where I begged Brian to move on and forget about me. The times where I simply could not understand why he wasn’t giving up on me. The times when I gave him too many reasons to leave and yet he chose to stay. He chose to be my boyfriend. He chose to be my rock. He chose to show me what the love of Jesus looked like. He chose to prove to me that all sins are equal and therefore him and I were equal in the eyes of our all-too-gracious Lord. Despite all odds, he chose me.

As silly as it sounds, tonight’s concert reminded me of these things. Through Mutemath’s music,  I was reminded that 5 years ago Brian had no real reason to choose to do life with me… But he did. He chose to walk my painful and guilt ridden past. He chose to extend Christ’s love to me when so few people seemed available to do the same. He chose me.

Tonight’s concert was outstanding, as expected from Mutemath. It was also humbling and reassuring that the life I’m living is the life God planned for me to be living, with this incredible man by my side.

I’ve never believed in soulmates and never will but I do believe that B chose me for a reason. A reason beyond himself.

Thank you, Mutemath, for bringing us together through your music.

Thank you, Brian, for choosing me day in and day out.

Thank you, Dallas, for not eating through our furniture in our absence.

And thank you, Jesus, for bringing this amazing Valentine into my life and gifting him with grace that he so freely shows to others.

Jenn in Tenn.