Sore muscles and semi-sweet chocolate morsels have something in common.

No, I do not use chocolate to motivate myself to workout.




I actually wrote a 1500+ word post, that I thought was the short version, about my journey with my messed up foot. As many of you know, I have a progressive injury in my right foot that has completely rocked and changed my world forever.

It’s actually a sad and lengthy story so I opted to just post this for today…




Sitting around and thinking about getting up and doing something is often more complicated than just getting up and completing the task at hand.

Take laundry for example. Leaving a basket of, now wrinkled, clothes on your bedroom floor can take days of thinking about folding and putting it all away before it’s actually taken care of and no longer on your ever-growing to do list. Just get up and put it away already. Then it’s done. Same goes for cleaning your house, your shower, your car, and for some people cleaning yourself.

I was talking to myself on all of those except for the cleaning yourself because I love my personal standards of hygiene.

Working out is a big one for me. I couldn’t find a way to work out for almost a year due to my injury. I was either too limited or too focused on my inabilities, rather than motivated to make it work and just get it done.

Excuses, excuses.

Yesterday I worked out hard for the first time in too long. Hard like the kind of workout where you lose confidence in your knees being able to do their job because your legs feel like jello. Today, I am sore beyond all reason. I keep counting out loud, to three, before quickly sitting down or quickly standing up. And I know tomorrow it’s only going to feel worse.

It sucks.

But it also doesn’t suck.

It’s also awesome that I put in so much work yesterday. I feel better about myself and better about my lack of motivation that I had been feeling before yesterday.

All of this got me thinking of semi-sweet chocolate morsels because anytime I’ve eaten them, I wish they were milk chocolate ghirardelli ones instead. Literally my sweet tooth’s kryptonite. But, at the same time, they are still delicious chocolate. Just not the sweetest most delicious chocolate ever. They are also a bit bitter.


Sore muscles, much like semi-sweet chocolate morsels, are just enough bitter and just enough sweet to make me want to keep going…

…and workout again tomorrow or eat the whole bag of chocolate chips.


*disclaimer… the grainy, taken on an iPad2, featured image is not a recent photo. It was 2012? When I was spending at least an hour a day to tone up my 108 pound body, in addition to teaching dance and choreographing every single day. No, these are not my current fitness goals. Just current frame-of-mind goals. I wasn’t in bad shape by any means, but I was still striving/working to be in better shape*