Sore muscles & semi-sweet morsels

Sore muscles and semi-sweet chocolate morsels have something in common.

No, I do not use chocolate to motivate myself to workout.

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Hello… It’s Me…

I was wondering if after my 12 day absence, you’d still like to read.

To go over, some of the things

I am dealing with and the prayers I so need. Continue reading “Hello… It’s Me…”

Me, You, and Mutemath

Sooooooooo Happy Valentine’s Day!¬†

We are starting our two hour drive back to Dallas, who’s locked in the kitchen of our apartment, probably howling her brains out because she literally canNOT handle life without us. Continue reading “Me, You, and Mutemath”

My First Ever Snow!

So I apologize for my mini-hiatus. I had written about eight posts that I didn’t schedule¬†to post and then I just haven’t had the chance to finish them. Things have been borderline terrible. Continue reading “My First Ever Snow!”

108 times and counting…

One-Hundred and eight is the number of times our neighbors must have seen us naked by now.

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My babe!

If you follow me on Instagram, have read a single thing on this page before reading this, are Facebook friends with me, or found my recent return to Twitter (@jnnprz), you know Continue reading “My babe!”

Jenna Lee in Tennesseee

Oh hey! So story of my life, I’m an endless stream of untapped potential. Or so I’m told. I’m constantly being Continue reading “Jenna Lee in Tennesseee”

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